In Person art lessons

I'm excited to annouClasses will beginTuesday, October 4th and there are a few changes worth mentioning:

First, I am now offering 3 unique in-person classes for kids 7-17. Creativity Confidence, Drawing Fundamentals, and Painting Fundamentals. Descriptions are posted in images below, but please let me know if I can help enroll your child in the right class.

Second, registration and payment will be handled by Poynette Parks and Recreation. Yay for one thing off my plate! I will add a link to registration here and on my announcement banner at the top of the page when registration is open.

As always, lessons will be offered in small groups of 10 or less. This will keep instruction unique to each child and still allow for new friendships to form. Any masking requirements will be determined by the facility hosting these lessons.

Classes available for children 7-17. We provide everything but the sketchbook.

Instruction will be drawing and painting focused, and all skills are welcome! We will cover concepts of design, a variety of art materials, contemporary and historical artists through games, creativity challenges, and some direct instruction.

Each artist should come with their own sketchbook.

Lessons cost $50 per month (regardless of attendance). Payment is due on or before the first class of each month. Please let me know on or before your last class if you will not be renewing for the following month. This allows us to notify children on my waiting list in a timely manner. Registration information will be posted soon.

Class schedule will follow my school calendar for holiday and summer breaks.

Which class is right for my child?

There are 3 unique offerings for In-Person Art Lessons. Creative Confidence is my classic class that most of my students have already taken. There is NO LIMIT to how many times artists can register for this class.

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals are new addtions this fall, and I suggest students take Creative Confidence first. This allows students to become acclimated to this studio environment, our way of learning, and general expectations of working with this group of young artists. However, I'm a firm believer in YOU knowing your child best, so if you feel they can jump into a fundamentals class, let's do it!

Please check the chart for more details on each class, and my recommendations. Please know that ages are -ish, I am more than accomodating for siblings or besties enrolling together. These are recommendations, not rules! Please contact me at for any questions or concerns.