My Artistic Style

As a child of the 80's I was constantly cutting apart my mom's JCPenny magazines and gluing them to shoe boxes.

Eventually I got my own art supplies to use at home and my mom's magazines were much safer.

As an adult I rediscovered the joy of colored pencils at about the same time I learned about neurographics. The combination of science and art is fascinating to me and provides endless possibilities. Part science, part inspiration, and part leap of faith, these originals are created with colored pencil, ink, and lots of patience.

I really enjoy abstract art, and my goal is to make that accessible, understandable, and beautiful for everyone. Collaborating with customers to create something special that they will enjoy for years to come is a process I am grateful for. From memorial artwork, to family portraits, to complementary home decor, I'm looking forward to making something unique for you.

What You Can Expect

Collaboration and execution of a custom piece takes time. Expect 10-12 weeks for larger projects, 6-8 for something smaller. Clear timelines and expectations will be discussed for each individual project.

Cost will depend on a combination of factors, most impactful is size of work chosen. Content and deadline are other factors taken into consideration. While the cost regarding size is not negotiable, I am willing to work with clients on the rest. Please don't let cost deter you from reaching out. There may be a solution we can find together. My goal is to allow the opportunity for anyone who wants a piece of beautiful abstract artwork in their home to own a piece. Maybe it's an original, perhaps it's a fine art print, or maybe we find another solution that'a appropriate to your needs.

Below are minimums for new, original custom artwork. Cost includes consult for content, size, and color options. Also included is basic framing. Shipping is additional and determined after consult is completed. I require a 50% deposit before beginning any custom artwork. Always reach out with any questions.

Minimum costs for original artwork

5x7 $95

8x10 $190

9x12 $260

11x14 $375

12x18 $515

Larger sizes priced upon request.